Sunday in Lier, Norway

Lier valley is just outside Drammen town and it is very beautiful. Sometimes when you drive through Lier and you see the farms its like going back in time, you get this peaceful feeling. The view is spectacular. At the same time Lier is know for its agriculture, everything from apples and fantastic apple juices (fresh and free from preservatives!) to Christmas trees! If you have red my blog you know that I love apples and apples juice and now you know why☺

I have taken some beautiful shots today, enjoy!

The little “hill” it is actually an old Viking tomb!

This is placed on the entrance to the church:

FROGNER CHURCH, the church was build in 1694. The first church build on this place was before year 1200, it burned down in year 1651.

This house, is just few meters from the church it could have belong to the church before.

The church and the house from a hillside.

The view from the “top” of Lier!

…and here you can see the Drammens Fjord!!

Drammen, Norway

The City by the river, lovely place to visit especially during the summer, small coffee shops, restaurants, museums.

Where to stay? Comfort Hotel Union Brygge, of course!

Gulskogen Manor, Drammen, Norway

Yes, I love visiting museums and most of all old manors, its just something about them, you just want to know more!

Gulskogen Manor is one of my favorites due to the beautiful big garden surrounding it, you can still see how it must have been at the beginning of 1800th century. Gulskogen Manor was country house, used during the summer time only, this of course change with time.

There are lots of possibilities to have a picnic in the garden, there are guided tours and of course homemade waffles and black coffee!